•     Abide by GB / T 19056, the Beidou terminal
  •     runs with backend server and records the
  •     driving records into internal data base.
  •     Server can retrieve data for analysis and
  •     monitor driver through 2G/3G/LTE for irregular
  •     operation and abnormal behavior. Also, data
  •     can be used as evidence for legal process of
  •     accident and incident.

  •                   GPS

  •   ●  Provide RTC , longitude, latitude , speed,
          elevationand direction positioning status
  •   ●  Support multi-satellite positioning.
  •   ●  Real time response to multiple control centers,
          for positioning and driving records.
  •   ●  Support wireless system upgrade and
          Beidou/GPS data upgrade.

  •       Fleet Management

  •       As GPS,Beidou (BD) satellite provides mutual
  •       communication.
  •       The signal feedback to the backend server is
  •       used for fleet management system, as
  •       substitute toward GPS to fit the China
  •       government regulation.

  •       Fleet Management

  •       Route Monitoring

  •       The Beidou (BD) satellite is frequently
  •       used to monitor cargo route execution
  •       and abnormal behavior recording and
  •       warning.
  •       As a official substitute to GPS, using
  •       Beidou system is nominally a must for
  •       government bidding or tender.

  •       Territory Traffic Monitoring

  •       As China government’s planned, the
  •       simultaneous signal feedback is used to
  •       implement traffic control in mega scale.
  •       The big data collected on daily basis is
  •       extremely valuable in public infrastructure
  •       and strategic maneuvering.

  •       Regional Traffic Control

  •       Regional Government is using Beidou
  •       for advanced planning, such as city
  •       infrastructure building, traffic optimization
  •       and plan, local accident control
  •       and immediate implementation.

  •       Control Area

  •       According to regulation of government
  •       control, except government or military
  •       service signal, no commercial signal
  •       emission is allowed in control area.
  •       A sophisticated Beidou system shall be
  •       completed with related software control
  •       and communication ability with
  •       government backend server.

  •       VDR Streaming and DVR Records

  •       According to government regulation,
  •       regional or central controlling bureau
  •       is authorized to withdraw DVR data in
  •       any given time frame and event.
  •       Immediate DVR streaming is used to
  •       comprehend on-site situation and fabricate
  •       reaction plan. DVR records are often
  •       used as instrument in the police operation
  •       and accident evidence.

Detail Specification

  • Auto Self-Check
  • Auto Checking Terminal Function and GPIO condition.
  • Network
  • Support GSM, CDMA, TD-SCDMA, WCDMA, CDMA2000. Auto band-switch.
  • Mobile Communication
  • Mutual communication with Beidou.
  • Records and Recording
  • Collect Driver ID, E-bill, Vehicle GPIO, Truckload Status, DVR & Picture, and Audio Recording.
  • Voice Calls and Monitoring
  • Backend operator can monitor drivers through 2G/3G/LTE without disturbing.
  • Sleeping Mode
  • When ACC is off, terminal automatically passes signal onto backend server and turns off.
  • Alert
  • When irregular condition and abnormal driving behavior occurs, terminal automatically uploads alert protocol to

    backend server. Only the backend operator can cancel the alert signal and remotely page the driver as notice.
  • Terminal Management
  • Support wireless registration and deregistration, wireless system upgrade and software update, and restoration.
  • User Friendly Operation Interface

  • Pushing Service

  • Online-calling service

  • Multi-backend server access

  • Remote diagnosis

  • Pre-use locking.

  • Automatically shut down communications

  • Voice

  • Data Output

  • Environmental Conditions
Voltage in 16v-32v
Current Max 5A@24V

Storage Temperature -40-85
Relative Humidity N/A
Waterproof Rating IP53(Excluding display)

IP43(Including display)

  • Hardware Specifications
Main Chip Freescale i.MX53, 800MHz / Broadcom AU1250, 500MHz
Main Chip Freescale i.MX53, 800MHz / Broadcom AU1250, 500MHz
Operating system Linux / WINCE 5.0
Storage Maximum Support 64GB eMMC
TFT Display 6.5”TFT LCD
Touch Screen Resistive Touch Panel
Output 40W 4Ω*2
Voice in AUX IN 3.5mmφ*1
Radio Philips TEF 6606 AM/FM, Stereo
SD MicroSD*1(Navigation map)

SD*1(Multimedia Player)
USB Support USB 2.0

Multimedia Playback

Beidou/GPS Dual-mode receiver module
Map 道道通
Standard Power In     DC 24V
Bluetooth Bluetooth 2.0 + EDR
Video 2 channel video capture
Voice Recording Optional
Rear camera 1 CVBS in
CAN Bus 2 sets
3G/LTE LTE Optional
External Interface USB*1、SD*1、Serial ports *1、Driver's ID

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