•       The Lane Departure Warning (LDW) System is a
  •       vision-based active safety solution for vehicle
  •       accident prevention and injuries mitigation by
  •       using image recognition technologies.
  •       With the use of highly sophisticated hardware and
  •       software, the vehicle is constantly monitored in
  •       driving mode and LDWS warns the driver via audible
  •       sound if the vehicle diverts across the lane mark
  •       on the road. This feature can effectively reduce
  •       the risk of accidents caused by fatigue driving
  •       during long-haul drives.

  • Speed Limit Reminding                


  • Key Features :
  • ● Vision-based System
  • ● Lane change prediction
  • ● Pre-warning sensitivity distance programmable
  • ● Operating speed threshold programmable (60-130km/hr)
  • ● Region of Interest (ROI) configurable
  • ● Visual and audible alerts
  • ● Head Up Display (HUD) enable viewing the vehicle speed without looking down
  • ● Automatic light adjustment
  • ● Memory mode applied to power on/off and volume of warning sound
  • ● Un-warning when L/R turns lamps light on
  • ● Low voltage warning
  • ● Kilometer/mile switching
  • ● Wide operating voltage: DC10V~26V

  • Benefit :
  • ● Help driver to monitor the road/lane condition
  • ● Prevent driver drifting away from his lane unexpectedly, caused by exhaustion, inattention or abnormal driving
  • ● This system can give out warning sound to remind driver of driving back to his lane and avoiding traffic accidents.
        If driver makes proper signal while changing lane, the warning sound will not give out.
  • ● This system can be used on highway under any kind of road conditions and weather (except heavy
        snow/rain/foggy weather, strong light caused by sunset/sunrise, road repair, dirty windscreen).

Detail Specification

Product series Lane Departure Warning + Head Up Display (HUD) System    
Model number LDW100H
System type Vision-based system
Camera Wide Dynamic CCD Camera
Alerts Audible and Visual

Yes (programmable)
Operating speed

60-130km/hr (default at 110km/hr)
Working daytime

and nighttime
Buzzer volume Max. >85dB
Operating voltage DC10V~26V
Current consumption Max 1A
Video Image I/O 1 Vp-p(75 ohm) Composite
Weight 450g / 15.87oz
Certification OE approved
Application Suitable for most types of vehicles

Operating temperature :

Control Module &    

-30˚C~ 70˚C/ -22˚F~158˚F
Camera -30˚C~ 85˚C/ -22˚F~185˚F
Storage temperature -40˚C~ 85˚C/ -40˚F~185˚F

Dimension (W x H x D) :

Control Module         105 * 103 * 31.5 mm
HUD Unit 82 * 52 * 21.6 mm
Camera 78.4 * 47 * 54 mm


Display Unit 1 set
Front View Camera   1 set
Control Module 1 set
Harness 1 set
Accessory pack 1 package

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