About MKD

Founded in the Hsinchu Science Industrial Park of Taiwan, we provide client advanced technology with innovation and customization. At early stage, MKD Technology was specialized consumer electronics design and manufacturing. By development advanced technology and know-how, we successfully step into industrial embedded system design and applications. In recent years, MKD also extends its reach to automotive electronics design and manufacturing.

From Bluetooth dongle, Wireless portable Bluetooth storage, and application, messenger dolls, POS machine to Karaoke system, we demonstrate our capability and flexibility in electronics design and integration, as well as win the market attention by patented know-how and skill.

MKD is acronym of Module Kit Design. We hope, through module design concept, to provide rapid-reaction to market demand and expectation. The benefit is more than speed. Module design also eliminates or minimizes redundancy and unnecessary function and circuit. Thus, both customer and end users can benefit from this minimal design concept.

Our staff is constituted with variety of different professions and academy achievement. We pursuit excellence and sustainability and hope to carry out best interest to our customers and our staff.

Vision & Goal

MKD Technology is proud of comprehensive software fabrication skill and hardware design know-how. As one of the advanced system development and integration companies, we provide reliable OEM/ODM and turnkey service, growing stronger with our customers.

Except consumer electronics, MKD Technology is also proud of profession in industrial embedded system and automotive electronics. Currently, our major market is China, and growing our reach to Japan, South America, Europe, United States, and Southeast Asia. By utilizing our unique know-how and experience, MKD Technology has been successfully collaborating with several worldwide customers.

We anticipate stacking up even higher efficiency in research and development and empowering our clients to focus on their major activity. Thus, we bring all-win situation to all our clients and partners.


May of 2013, Taiwan Quality Product Bravo Award Winner

June of 2011, Top 100 Elites of Taiwan ITS/Telematics, Best Digital Cluster, Award Winner

July of 2008, Best Enterprise Award

Oct of 2007, Gold Medal Award, Taipei International Invention Show & Technomark.


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Brand : www.mkiido.com

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